Nadia Glarey

Nadia Glarey - Nordic Ski Cogne Gran Paradiso

I live right on the ski tracks, which means I’ve been practicing cross-country skiing since I was 2 years old!
I’ve been a member both of the Gran Paradiso ski club and of the Asiva local team. In 2009 I became a ski instructor. Having abandoned competitions, I devoted myself to teaching cross-country skiing – enjoying my passion for this natural and complete sport. I love the technical movements of cross-country skiing, which put all body in movement and grants you full contact with nature: a connection between body and mind.
As a physiotherapist I regularly include cross-country skiing in my rehabilitation practice. Indeed, it is a great tool to do the most out of balance, proprioception, movement, and balance. I consider this sport is a particularly valid tool in the final phase of every rehabilitation process (sprains, knee, hip, and shoulder physical therapy, back pain and posture in general).


Dec 17, 2019 Nordic skiing

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