Nicolò Desaymonet

Nicolò Désaymonet - Snowboard

My snowboarding career began at the age of 10, in the small town of Cogne, where I learnt to appreciate and love this sport, thanks in part to my legendary grandfather Ernesto who gave me my first snowboard. In the years that followed, I decided to take on the world of competitions and this helped me to grow at competitive level and to go so far as to participate in European boardercross competitions. I soon became a team member of ASIVA (Winter Sports Association of Aosta Valley) and a member of the Italian National Skiing B Team. My career has rewarded me with some amazing thrills and sensations and has taught me what sacrifice, dedication and commitment mean. That is why I decided to become an Instructor and thereafter a federally-certified coach (Level 2) to share my passion and whatever I have learnt over the years with the athletes of tomorrow. .



Dec 6, 2017 Snowboarding

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